Re:sound #235 The "I Do" or "Do I?" Show

This hour, “I do” or “do I?” the calculus for marriage, for better and for worse.

2017 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour, “I do” or “do I?” the calculus for marriage, for better and for worse.

Majd’s Diary: Two Years in the Life of a Saudi Girl
by Joe Richman and Sarah Kramer ( Radio Diaries , 2016)
A few years ago, Radio diaries teamed up with Cowbird, a public storytelling website and held a competition to find a fresh voice. They discovered Majd Abdulghani, a muslim teenager in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a young woman under pressure from her parents to consider an arranged marriage.

How Will I Know?
by Andrea Silenzi ( Why Oh Why , 2016)
Andrea Silenzi, host of the relationship podcast Why Oh Why, looks back at the role the show has played in her personal life. Travel through the past three years as Andrea talks to her editor, Hillary Frank, about what’s going on in her relationship.

Choose Responsibly
by Dennis Funk ( Re:sound debut, 2017)
Choosing a partner is just a game, or is it?

The Wedding Song
by Yenting Hsu ( ARTE Radio , 2011)
At the time of her marriage, a Paiwan princess bids farewell to her family and her youth. So the wedding song of this indigenous Tawainese people is mixed with tears. Recorded in the village of Liang-Shan, in the Ping-Tung region, south of the island.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk

Broke For Free, ‘Feel Good Instrumental’, Petal (self-released, 2014)
Komiku, ‘Dreaming of you’, It's time for adventure ! vol 2 (Chez Monplaisir, 2016)
Anamorphic Orchestra, ‘Stop the Clocks’, Anamorphic Orchestra (Needle Drop Co., 2016)
Broke For Free, ‘Love Is Not’, Petal (self-released, 2014)
Komiku, ‘How to evade a place with no wall’, It's time for adventure ! vol 3 (Chez Monplaisir, 2017)

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