Re:sound #117: The Hunting Show

This hour: hunting for moose, buffalo, and love.

2009 / TCF / WBEZ, USA

This hour: hunting for moose, buffalo, and love.

Dyana, Goddess of the Moose Hunt
by Jamie Yuenger (Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, 2009)
Moose hunting in Maine is a very popular sport. The problem is, there are far fewer permits than there are hunters. So, each year the permits go out to lottery winners, with most hunters unable to snag a permit even once in their lifetimes. This is the story of one woman who, against all odds, drew a permit on her first try. Her excitement was intense. And so were the results.

On Hunting
by John Connell with Sharon Davis (ABC's Radio Eye, 2008)
Water buffalo were introduced to northern Australia in the 19th century and the giant beasts came to define the wild country of the region, even though tracking one down can be next to impossible. Producer John Connell joined a group of hunters on their trek and then produced this meditative and beautifully crafted documentary that uncovers the complexities and ambiguities of the hunt.

A Life Changing Letter
by Rob McGinley Myers (Weekend America, 2008)
And now to a hunt of a completely different kind: the hunt for love. We've all been there. But who among us has been able to make so clean a shot, and so fast a kill?

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Delaney Hall.

produced by

Jamie Yuenger

Jamie Yuenger is an audio documentarian living in Brooklyn, New York.

John Connell

John Connell is a writer and producer based in Ireland whose work has appeared in RTE and ABC's Radio National.

Robert McGinley Myers

Robert McGinley Myers is a podcaster, writer, teacher, and former radio producer for The Writer's Almanac, On Being, and contributor to Weekend America. He produces the podcast Anxious Machine.

Sharon Davis

Sharon Davis is an award-winning freelance documentary producer and journalist who has worked in radio, television and print.

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