Re:sound #133: The Food Show

This hour: Food. It's delicious. It's complicated.

2010 / TCF/WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour: Food. It's delicious. It's complicated.

Sonja's Dumplings
by Ben Pagac (The Splendid Table, 2009)
When it comes to learning the cuisine of your childhood, inheriting your mother's recipes is one thing, achieving her perfect touch is another. But you gotta start somewhere.

A Cup of Tea with Annie Melvin
by Kavanah Ramsier and Nikki Brown (The Center for Documentary Studies, 2006)
Annie Melvin has always kept a garden full of herbs.

Concerning Breakfast
by Annie Cheney and Jay Allison (All Things Considered, 1999)
Who among us doesn't have their own quiet food obsessions? What was once your good friend can just as quickly turn into your worst enemy. In Concerning Breakfast, food becomes the battlefield on which one family's difficulties are played out.

Wild Morels on the Yellowstone
by Scott Carrier (Hearing Voices)
Producer Scott Carrier went with a friend to pick mushrooms on the banks of the Yellowstone River – and then suddenly the moist, dank little mushroom became the conduit to good friends, meandering conversation, and a little introspection.

Hot Tuna Tater Tot: A Night at Alinea with Jess Thomson
by Delaney Hall and Katie Mingle (Re:sound premiere, 2010)
Chicago's Alinea restaurant is at the forefront of the molecular gastronomy movement, in which food is scientifically modified into all sorts of unfamiliar new shapes and textures until it is no longer called a meal, it is called "food architecture." Very few people can afford to take Alinea's 15 course "tasting tour", but food writer Jess Thomson did, and she wrote a great account of her experience eating there with a few girlfriends.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Katie Mingle.

produced by

Ben Pagac

Ben Pagac is an entomologist, musician, and independent producer living in Annapolis, Maryland.

Annie Cheney

Annie Cheney is is a writer whose magazine work has appeared in Harper's and My Generation.

Jay Allison

Jay Allison (@jay_allison) has been an independent public radio producer, journalist, and teacher since the 1970s.

Scott Carrier

Scott Carrier (@ScottCarrier57) is a writer, photographer, and Peabody-award winning radio producer. He now produces his own podcast, Home of the Brave .

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