Re:sound #209 The Firsts Show

This hour first lines, the first day back and every last first you can think of.

2015 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour first lines, the first day back and every last first you can think of.

Getting Back Out There
by Tally Abecassis (First Day Back, 2015)
First Day Back is a documentary podcast that follows filmmaker Tally Abecassis as she faces the challenges of picking up her career after an extended maternity leave. In this episode, Tally lays out her situation and makes a move to restart her filmmaking career. She talks about “freelancer math” and asks her family some big questions, getting the most surprising answer from her son.

My First... [Excerpt]
by Steve Heather & Siegmar Zacharias (Soundproof, ABC RN, 2015)
Your first breath, your first mistake, your first lie, your first kiss, your first job, your first death. The first time you celebrated, and the first time you regretted a first time. 'My First...' constructs a collective life biography from years 0 to 100, through memory, story, and music. The piece traces a society from the 1920's to 2015 and into the future to offer meaning shaped from collective memory.
Listen to the full piece here.

Tim Key's Suspended Sentence [NOTE: only available until 15 September 2016]
by Steven Rajam & written by Tim Key (BBC Radio 4, 2013)
Tim Key is on a mission to pen the ultimate opening line: one that will knock your socks off, hook you in, blow you away (he'll sort out the rest later, yeah?). As he slowly crafts his one-sentence magnum opus, Tim taps into the minds of some of Britain's top literary talents to find out what a first line should and shouldn't do, and the hours of sweat and toil enshrined in those crucial few words.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk.

produced by

Tally Abecassis

Tally Abecassis is a documentary filmmaker whose films have played at festivals and on television around the world.

Steve Heather

Steve Heather (Composer/Performer/Musician) is a freelance musician (drums, percussion, electronics) and composer, performance and installation maker based in Berlin.

Siegmar Zacharias

Siegmar Zacharias works in theory and practice of the field of performance.

Tim Key

Tim Key is an actor, writer and performance poet who favours dark suits, lager and long hot baths.

Steven Rajam

Steven Rajam is a radio producer and feature-maker with BBC Wales in Cardiff.

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