Re:sound #165 The Enemies to Friends Show

This hour: people who start out as bitter enemies and end up in places you could never predict.

2012 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour: people who start out as bitter enemies and end up in places you could never predict.

The Rabbi and the KKK
by Anna Sussman (Snap Judgement, 2011)
When Rabbi Michael Weisser moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, self-avowed anti-semite Larry Trap was determined to make an enemy out of him. And he tried really hard. But despite his best efforts, he just couldn't do it.

Two Enemies, One Heart
by Mignon Aylen with Jonathan Groubert (The State We're In, 2011)
Zoom out on any war and you'll see a tragic picture. The first Persian gulf war was no exception. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost and countless atrocities were committed. But zoom in, and in the midst of all the darkness you're sure to find pockets of breath-taking bravery and compassion. Such was the case with the two soldiers in Two Enemies, One Heart.

Mary Johnson and Oshea Isreal
by Jasmyn Belcher (Morning Edition, 2011)
Mary and Oshea reflect on their relationship in this short but powerful story of unlikely friendship and remarkable forgiveness. Their story was recorded for the national oral history project, StoryCorps.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Katie Mingle.

produced by

Anna Sussman

Anna Sussman is the Senior Producer and Managing Editor of Snap Judgment.

Mignon Aylen

Mignon Aylen produced The State We're In for Radio Netherlands until the show ended in 2012.

Jasmyn Belcher Morris

Jasmyn Belcher Morris, StoryCorps Lead Producer, researches, records and produces stories for StoryCorps’ weekly broadcast on NPR’s Morning Edition.

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