El otro, el mismo (The Other, The Same)

Meet Eduardo Bechara (from Colombia) and Eduardo Bechara (from Argentina).

2012 / Camila Segura / Radio Ambulante, Colombia

Meet Eduardo Bechara (from Colombia) and Eduardo Bechara (from Argentina).

They share a name, are both writers, and look nearly identical. But even more surprising? Turns out their lives were intertwined, even before they met.

El otro, el mismo was produced by Camila Segura for Radio Ambulante, a Spanish-language radio program that showcases compelling human stories from around Latin America and the United States.

Note! The story is in Spanish, but you can follow along with this English transcript.

Read more about Radio Ambulante, and the challenges of telling a tantalizingly visual story with audio, Behind the Scenes.Radio AmbulanteColombiaCamila SeguraMartina Castro

produced by

Camila Segura

Camila Segura is Special Projects Coordinator and Editor for Radio Ambulante. Even though Segura spent most of her adult life in academia, after obtaining her PhD in literature from Columbia University, she realized radio was her true passion. She lives in Bogotá with her husband Pablo and her daughter Carmen.

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