Re:sound #148 The Buying and Selling Show

This hour: selling, swapping, buying and trading.

2011 / TCF/WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour: selling, swapping, buying and trading.

Selling the U.S., One Inch at a Time
by Rebecca Sheir (Alaska Public Radio, 2007)
For a mere $3.95 you can own a piece of America.

The Auctioneer
by Ned Sublette (New American Radio, 1989)
Some people are natural salesmen (and women). For the rest of us there is a place where, if you want to sell lots of stuff to lots of people really, really fast, you can learn how.

Open Outcry
by Ben Rubin (The World Financial Center, 2002)
In the last 10 years or so, the once chaotic and loud New York Mercantile Exchange has gone quiet -- the screaming traders of yore have now mostly been replaced by computers. Luckily, the sound of "open-outcry" trading was captured by media artist Ben Rubin for a sound installation he did at The World Finnacial Center's Winter Garden in 2002.

The Swap Shop
by Dan Collision & Elizabeth Meister (Long Haul Productions, 2006)
For more than 60 years the people of northwest Tennessee have been selling and swapping everything (including the kitchen sink) on a radio show called The Swap Shop.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Katie Mingle.

produced by

Rebecca Sheir

You may have caught Rebecca's work on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Here & Now, The Splendid Table and Marketplace. As host and producer of AK and Metro Connection, she's whisked listeners around the wilds of Alaska and the streets of Washington, D.C. Rebecca has hosted the Folger Shakespeare Library's Shakespeare Unlimited podcast, as well as Slate Magazine's Placemakers and WBUR's Circle Round.

Ned Sublette

A former New Orleans resident who now lives in New York City, Ned Sublette has worked in music as performer, writer, producer, and musicologist.

Ben Rubin

Ben Rubin is a media artist based in New York City.

Dan Collison

Together with his life and radio partner Elizabeth Meister, Dan Collison produces audio documentaries and song/stories that detail everyday life in America, work that has consistently garnered radio's top awards.

Elizabeth Meister

Elizabeth Meister quit her job at the phone company to volunteer for public radio show This American Life in 1998, when she started their award-winning website in exchange for a chance to learn how to make radio documentaries.

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