Best of the Best 2019 (Part 2)

This hour, winners of our annual Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition.

2019 / TCF, USA

This hour, winners of our annual Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition.

Best of the Best is Third Coast’s annual ode to audio storytelling, taking listeners on a journey through the full breadth of what’s possible in stories made from sound. Hosted by Gwen Macsai, this hour features...

A Sense of Quietness (excerpt) — Best Documentary: Bronze Award
by Eleanor McDowall for Lights Out , a Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4.
In a beautifully flowing narrative, the stories of four unrelated women in the UK and Ireland connect in unexpected ways, as they discover the quiet power and hidden dangers of speaking out about abortion. Listen to the full piece here.

ROW-cub — Best Documentary: Honorable Mention Award
by Neena Pathak.
After Aaji innocently asks if her granddaughter, Mithu, is bringing her "friend" home for the holidays, Mithu struggles to translate her heartache. [Note that this story is bilingual, but it can still be understood by non-Marathi speakers - to view a subtitled version of ROW-cub , go to]

ROW-cub — Best Documentary: Silver Award
by Jazmín Aguilera with Anna Sussman for Snap Judgment from WNYC. With co-producers John Fecile, Erika Lantz, Nancy López, and Eliza Smith; original score by Renzo Gorrio; sound design by Renzo Gorrio, Leon Morimoto, and Pat Mesiti-Miller; edited by Anna Sussman and Mark Ristich; with executive producer Glynn Washington.
For exactly 38 minutes on January 13th, 2018, the state of Hawaii was thrown into a state of panic. This story recounts what it was like for residents on that unforgettable morning as they tried to wrestle with impending doom, death and destruction.

This hour of Best of the Best was produced by Isabel Vázquez.

Music in this hour by Pablo Torri (“Retorno” & “Volta”), Skill Borrower (“Heartstring Hotel”), VicthorA3 (“Los Derechos Se Consiguen En La Calle”), and Aviscerall (“Sanctuary”).

The program is made possible with support from the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation and distributed to public radio stations by PRX.

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produced by

Eleanor McDowall

Eleanor McDowall is a Director at Falling Tree productions, a documentary-maker and the Series Producer of Short Cuts - BBC Radio 4's space for adventurous short-form documentaries.

Neena Pathak

Neena Pathak (@neenpathak) is an audio producer at The New York Times, where she currently produces The Daily, and previously produced Still Processing.

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