Atsimenu jo žvilgsnį. Istorija apie karį ir migrantą (I Remember His Look. The Story of a Soldier and a Migrant)

Winner of the 2022-23 Third Coast/RHDF Competition Best Documentary: Gold Award, selected by Final Round Judges Jimmy Gutierrez, Rachel Matlow, Melissa Mbugua, Priska Neely, and Mike Williams.

Transcript available here


In the summer of 2021, dozens, and later hundreds, of people started illegally crossing the Lithuanian border from Belarus every day. As a result, Lithuania reinforced its border protection, building a metal fence and a barbed-wire barrier and assigning troops to help the border guards. Lithuania and the European Union say that this is a “hybrid attack” orchestrated by the Minsk regime, which has taken advantage of the desire of thousands of people – mainly Iraqi Kurds but also Syrians, Congolese, Afghans, and others – to reach Western Europe and have a safer and better life there. This is the story about two people — one guarding the border, the other crossing it illegally — and the circumstances that have led to the intersection of their lives.

This work was originally featured in the 2022-23 Third Coast Competition Showcase, a new way of celebrating Award-Winners, Finalists & Judges.

Full Credits

Sigita Vegytė (Author, Producer & Sound Designer), Vaida Pilibaitytė (Editor), Adomas Zubė (Editor, Subtitles), Ieva Žvinakytė (Translator to English)

produced by

Sigita Vegytė

Sigita Vegytė (sea-GHEE-tah veh-GHEE-teh) (she/her) is a Lithuanian journalist and audio documentary producer at the national public broadcaster LRT.

Vaida Pilibaitytė

Vaida Pilibaitytė (WHY-dagh pea-lee-bye-TEA-teh) (she/her) is a Lithuanian radio journalist and documentary producer working for the national public broadcaster LRT.

Adomas Zubė

Adomas Zubė (ah-DOH-mas ZOOB-eh) (he/him) is a radio producer and cultural journalist, currently working as an audio features editor with an independent journalist collective NARA.

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