Re:sound #171 The Anonymous Show

This hour: all things anonymous.

2013 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour: all things anonymous.

Someone's Screaming Outside
by Mad Genius (Re:sound debut, 2013)
Someone's Screaming Outside by the anonymous producer collective, Mad Genius, revisits the rainy Florida night George Zimmerman met Trayvon Martin, using only 911 calls from that evening and musical samples from YouTube videos reacting to the tragedy.

The Adventures of Hurricane Mike
by Mad Genius (Re:sound debut, 2013)
Part song, part narrative, and completely built from sampling media on the internet, The Adventures of Hurricane Mike tells one man's incredible survival story.

Anonymous: Just for the Lulz?
by Gabriella Lahti with sound engineer Steven Tilley (360 Documentaries, ABC RN, 2012)
The online group known as Anonymous has no leaders, no rules, no wrongs and no public face. Yet, they have made headlines around the world as hacktivists, fighting for the freedom of information, and against censorship, the church of scientology and homophobia, among other things.

The Wire
by David Weinberg (Wiretap, CBC, 2012)
For David Weinberg, secretly recording people started out as a sort of a hobby — a possible way to break into, of all things, public radio. Eventually it mutated into an obsession. And finally, in an odd twist of fate, this anonymous act became David's salvation.

produced by

Mad Genius

Mad Genius is an anonymous collective of on-line musicians who construct pop songs from found sounds and media samples.

Gabriella Lahti

Gabriella Lahti is a podcast producer, radio- and print journalist. She produces podcasts for businesses and organizations such as The World Economic Forum, McDonald’s Sweden, Bonnierförlagen. She also works at the online news site, News55, as a news reporter.

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