Re:sound #265 All Stories Are Stories About Power

This week, all stories - even stories about Dunkin' Donuts - are about power.

2019 / TCF / 91.5 WBEZ, USA

This week, all stories - even stories about Dunkin' Donuts - are about power.

presented by Sandhya Dirks ( American Suburb , KQED) and Chenjerai Kumanyika ( Uncivil and Seeing White )
From the Third Coast Conference - where audio producers from around the world gather to share expertise - this session from the 2018 conference tackled a topic that goes beyond audio stories alone. For makers and listeners alike, this presentation challenges the ways that stories privilege whiteness, quirkiness and empathy. Through examples and inquiry, Sandhya and Chenjerai show that there is no such thing as an innocent, objective, or purely entertaining story. All stories are stories about power, and storytellers hold the power to better interrogate the structures that shape our understandings.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Isabel Vázquez.

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produced by

Chenjerai Kumanyika

Dr. Chenjerai Kumanyika (@catchatweetdown) is a researcher, journalist, an artist who works as an assistant professor in Rutgers University’s Department of Journalism and Media Studies.

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