Re:sound #240 The Aftermath Show

This hour two stories about what remains after the fighting stops.

2017 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour two stories about what remains after the fighting stops.

Guilty Landscape
By Anik See for Earth Beat from Radio Netherlands Worldwide (2012)
World War I started nearly one hundred years ago. As far as wars go, it was epic – ten million soldiers died in just four years. Over two million of them alone died on the Western Front near Ypres, and the landscape of Flanders was completely devastated. Not a living tree or blade of grass survived. But are the marks of war still visible? What’s it like there now? To find out, Anik went there with her young son.

Saigon, 1965
By Malcolm Gladwell, Mia Lobel, Roxanne Scott and Jacob Smith Revisionist History (2016)
In the early 1960s the Pentagon set up a top-secret research project in an old villa in downtown Saigon. The task? To interview captured North Vietnamese soldiers and guerrillas in order to measure the effect of relentless U.S. bombing on their morale. Yet despite a wealth of great data, even the leaders of the study couldn’t agree on what it meant.

This episode or Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk. He also hosted because Gwen Macsai is an amazing human being who was away donating her kidney to save someone else's life.

Music for Re:sound comes from Patient Sounds, a private press record label and book publisher in Chicago.

The Variable Why, 'Memory Burn' - Looking at the Triangles (Patient Sounds, 2015)
Starling Murmurations, 'A. Capricorn' - I–IV (Patient Sounds, 2013)
Foothills, 'New World' - New World (Patient Sounds, 2013)
Music from — Hanoi Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (Water Puppet Theatre)
Gunwale, 'Rex' - Southeast (Patient Sounds, 2014)
Gunwale, 'Bethany' - Southeast (Patient Sounds, 2014)
Foothills, 'Zero-Point' - New World (Patient Sounds, 2013)
Foothills, 'Great Mass' - New World (Patient Sounds, 2013)

produced by

Anik See

Anik See is a Canadian writer and independent radio documentary producer based in Amsterdam.

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