A Cold Freezin Night - 8

An evening walk gives one man more than he bargained for.

2010 / Karen Gollrad / Liz Bustamante / TCF, USA

An evening walk gives one man more than he bargained for.

Produced for the 2010 TCF ShortDocs Challenge: Book Odds.

produced by

Karen Gollrad

Karen Gollrad just graduated with a post B.A. from Columbia College in radio broadcasting. Her passionate pursuits of storytelling through acting and music led her to add audio production to her repertoire. She won second place for "Food Glorious Food" in the 2010 Senior Radio Awards at Columbia in the documentary category. Post graduation, Karen is enjoying herself immensely this summer working on projects such as Book Odds despite unemployment.

Liz Bustamante

Liz Bustamante studied music and technology in the Sonic Arts program at City College, NY. Her video for Poem Rocket's 'Box' was shown at several film festivals, nominated for Best Editing and awarded Best Video at the International Festival of Cinema and Technology (2003). Bustamante was awarded an Irani Fellowship for a site installation piece examining the phenomenon of popular standards in contemporary music. She is a drummer and engineer currently living in Chicago.

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