Re:sound #186 The 2013 Short Docs Show

This hour: We showcase some of our favorite stories from the 2013 Third Coast ShortDocs Challenge: Appetite!

2014 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour: We showcase some of our favorite stories from the 2013 Third Coast ShortDocs Challenge: Appetite!

Plus host Gwen Macsai talks to the organizer of the project, former Third Coast Artistic Director Julie Shapiro about the rules, the incentives, and our collaboration with the James Beard Foundation.

Sweet, Sweet Victory
by Logan Jaffe

Sweet Aunt Nuska
by Jeremy Wilmot and Matt Thomas

Bittersweet Apostrophe's
by Tim Needles

Sweet Cheesecake Heartbreak: Three Dates
by Catie Talarski

by Jeff Towne

Essen, My Sweet
by Deena Prichep and Joanna Stein

My Umami Gas Mask
by Sam Agee

The Last Morning Was a Sweet One
by Alix Blair

Sel Trois Façons (Salt: Three Ways)
by Kelly Jones

Salt On the Lips
by Jenny Asarnow

Blackbird Pot Pie: Not the Pie Umami Made
by Mary T. Diorio Schilling

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Katie Mingle

produced by

Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas is a voice actor, writer, podcast enthusiast, and passionate self-styled social media pundit who enjoys collecting frequent flyer miles and white shoes.

Tim Needles

Tim Needles is a educator, artist, writer, and humorist who has never produced audio in his life and managed to produce this piece using only his iPhone and freeware.

Catie Talarski

Catie Talarski is the executive producer at WNPR, Connecticut Public Radio.

Jeff Towne

Over the course of 20+ years with the nationally-syndicated radio program Echoes, Jeff Towne has recorded interviews and musical performances in locations ranging from closets to cathedrals.

Sam Agee

Sam Agee works with words and sound in Colorado.

Alix Blair

Alix Blair (@axablair) is an independent audio producer, photographer, and documentary filmmaker.

Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones is an expat, making radio and teaching in Canada - but she still really just wants to be an astronaut.

Jenny Asarnow

Jenny Asarnow (they/them) is an award-winning editor, producer and educator whose work has been featured internationally in podcasts, radio and museums.

Mary T. Diorio Schilling

Mary T. Diorio Schilling is an independent audio producer who hails from Philadelphia and a tiny village in southwestern New Jersey.

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