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2019 Listening Reels

Welcome to Third Coast Conference Listening Reels!

Welcome to Third Coast Conference Listening Reels!

This year, we’re setting turning one of the traditional “Breakout Session” rooms into a makeshift audio theater, lights dimmed, all weekend long. We want to create an audio space where you can let the inspiration wash over you, hear unexpected & outstanding work from across the world, and dig into conversation with more audio peers. Each and every Listening Reel will also include at least one 2019 Third Coast/RHDF Competition award-winning story.

We're keeping the stories in these reels a secret, for now... we'll release the pieces featured in each reel at the Conference!

Friday Listening Reels

Saturday Listening Reels


Katharina Smets

Belgian-Polish Katharina Smets ( molds documentary materials into performances, sound guides and radio productions.

Cristal Duhaime

Cristal Duhaime (@cristalliond) is the co-creator of Love Me and Pen Pals – a comedy fiction series that puts unlikely pairs in conversation.

Shirley Alfaro

Shirley Alfaro is Third Coast's executive director. A native Chicagoan, she is rooted in communities, art, education, and justice.