2019 Late Night Provocations

Our favorite tradition on the opening night of the Third Coast Conference.... this time, with some SPOOKY energy!

Each Late Night Provocation is delivered by daring & thoughtful producer in audio. But what makes a Provocation, well, provocative ? Expect to hear conversations you've hashed out with friends, urgent ideas lingering on the tip of your tongue, and insights that will that shake you up & turn your point of view upside-down... in the BEST way.

Introducing the 2019 Third Coast Provocateurs:

Cassius Adair (independent, With Good Reason ) & Tuck Woodstock ( Gender Reveal )
Erisa Apantaku (independent, South Side Weekly Radio ) & Jenny Casas (WNYC)
Ramtin Arablouei ( Throughline , NPR)
Tom Howell (CBC)
Martine Powers ( Post Reports )
Ike Sriskandarajah ( Reveal )
Janey Williams (independent, This Happened )
Liza Yeager (independent, Planet Money )

...and an "audio benediction" from James Kim (MOONFACE)