Jenny Casas

Jenny Casas (@jnnsmn) (she/her) is a reporter on WNYC's podcast, The Stakes. As a speaker at the 2019 Late Night Provocations, Jenny will be joined by colleague & friend Erisa Apantaku for a short talk about the possibilities of making story-telling more generative and less extractive.

Jenny is New York based, via Chicago, where she reported on and produced Season 1 of USA Today's first narrative podcast about a 6-story tall illegal dump, The City. Before that, Jenny led reporting teams with City Bureau. She was a daily reporter at St. Louis Public Radio covering power, immigration, and political protest. A California native, Jenny got her start in radio as a KQED news intern.

Photo by: Sebastián Hidalgo


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Our favorite tradition on the opening night of the Third Coast Conference.... this time, with some SPOOKY energy!

2019 Provocations

On the first night of the 2019 Third Coast Conference, all 800+ attendees gathered for a series of short, provocative talks.