Re:sound #227 The 2016 ShortDocs Show — Radio Cinema

This hour we're featuring some of our favourite entries to the 2016 ShortDocs Challenge!

2016 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour we're featuring some of our favourite entries to the 2016 ShortDocs Challenge!

Including interviews with producers and a visit to our 2016 partner, Manual Cinema, who are adapting this year’s winning ShortDocs into a live shadow puppetry performance.

Maya Turns 26
by Maya Goldberg-Safir
Whether she likes it or not, things are about to change.

Out of Order
by La Cosa Preziosa
A man & his TV crime drama-induced phobia.

ragazzo incontra ragazzo
by Garrett Kling
A chance encounter brings together an American and Italian boy, not knowing when they'll ever meet again.

Too Many Miles *
by Stephanie Rowden & Jennifer Metsker
What if Robert Frost's poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” were re-imagined as a film?

by Michelle Macklem
A woman pieces together sonic memories and her sense of belonging through swimming.

The Hadal Zone
by Peregrine Andrews & Geoff Marsh
Two obnoxious city boys take the Giant Squid Safari in the Sea of Japan and end up in deep trouble.

What Is It Like?
by Tree Mabry
A look at invisibility, silhouettes, and humanity through a kaleidoscope.

Dear Face at Deer Lake with Deer People *
by the Dear Deer Face Collective
A story about deer, a wonderful lake, internet privacy.

HATCH * by Geoff McQueen
A man, in orbit, going round and round...

Hard-Boiled Poet
by Regina Botros
This hard-boiled poet cracks another case wide open.

I dream of rattlesnakes **
by Todd, Sam & Belle Wemmer
A contemplation on the return of rattlesnakes to Massachusetts.

*= Winner
**= People’s Choice Award Winner

Music for this episode was composed by Matthew Bourne for his album moogmemory

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk

produced by

Maya Goldberg-Safir

Maya Goldberg-Safir (@mayags)(she/her) has led Third Coast alongside Co-Director Emily Kennedy since September of 2021.

La Cosa Preziosa

La Cosa Preziosa (Susanna Caprara) is a sound artist originally from the south of Italy and based in Dublin.

Jennifer Metsker

Jennifer Metsker is a poet and writer who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Most recently her poetry can be found in Nightblock, Really System, Banango Street and Rhino.

Geoff Marsh

Geoff Marsh is a science writer and radio producer from London.

Tree Mabry

Tree Mabry is an aspiring radio producer and the creator of the Endless Reverberations podcast.

Dear Deer Face Collective

Dear Deer Face Collective live and work in nature. They are very private but do good work. Antlers get radio waves.

Geoff McQueen

Geoff McQueen is an independent radio producer, presenter and lecturer based in the UK. In an ideal world, Geoff makes beautifully composed features for BBC Radio 4 and constantly puts up new shelves for his Prix Italias and Sony Awards. In reality, Geoff is often disappointed.

Sam Wemmer

Sam Wemmer loves to catch creatures (frogs, lizards, snakes, squid, crabs, flounder, lobster, sculpin, lump fish).

Todd Wemmer

Todd Wemmer is a professor at Endicott College. He and his family live in Salem, MA. They sometimes make little audio pieces about nature and memory at

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