Paolo Pietropaolo

Paolo Pietropaolo is a freelance producer, broadcaster and composer based in Vancouver, Canada.

He's host of In Concert, CBC Radio's national classical music performance program. His audio documentary work includes the series The Wire: the Impact of Electricity on Music, which won a Peabody Award, the Prix Italia and a Third Coast Festival Directors' Choice Award. Pietropaolo wishes he were E major, doesn't mind he has a lot of D-flat major in him, and regrets his E minor moments.


Signal to Noise

What happens when you work with sound everyday -- listening to it, recording it, manipulating it -- and then one day, one of those sounds sticks around for good?

This hour we listen in on hearing — a complex system of circuitry that is vulnerable to all sorts of interruptions, misfires and breakdowns.


Our digital age has catalyzed a kind of chemical reaction: the fission of radio into two related but distinct media, Audio and Radio.