Summer Programming Series Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as the Third Coast Conference? Is there going to be a Third Coast Conference?

Since the onset of COVID-19, we’ve been building toward a model of year-round, hybrid programming, with discrete offerings available to audiences both in-person and online. We are not currently planning to host an annual conference that requires guests to travel to Chicago.

However, we plan to preserve many, many aspects of the annual Third Coast Conference – our goal is to create hybrid programming that offers many of the same resources, opportunities, and experiences from the conference, beginning with smaller-scale virtual programs and events in Chicago, in person, geared toward local audio communities. We’d love to grow our in-person programming over time, and to bring Third Coast programming to audiences in other places as well!

Here are a few examples of programs we’re working to translate into our year-round hybrid programming model:

Audio Maker Reconvenings (inspired by the first day of the Third Coast Conference) – currently taking place during the Summer Programming Series, tickets available now!

Collective Listening Events (inspired by Filmless Festival & conference listening reels) – currently taking place during the Summer Programming Series, tickets available now!

Virtual Awards Presentations (inspired by the in-person Awards Celebration) – currently taking place during the Summer Programming Series, registration launches the week of July 31.

Feedback Pilot Program for Best New Artist (BNA) Entrants (inspired by Audio Doctors) – currently taking place during the Summer Programming Series for BNA Entrants who opted in through our 2022-23 Call for Entries

Maker Sessions (inspired by Conference Sessions) – in development for 2024.

Who is invited to the Summer Programming Series?

All of our offerings are meant for anyone in the audio community, whether you’re a maker, student, or a listener, appreciator, or fan – with the exception of the Chicago Audio Maker Reconvening, which is geared toward makers. We define makers quite broadly – including anyone who works with narrative audio from any disciplines (e.g. archives, oral history, museums, film, community organizing), anyone who works in the audio industry broadly (e.g. as a digital producer, administrator, educator) or anyone interested in making audio, who hasn’t yet produced any work.

Do I have to live in Chicago to come to the in-person programs?

No, however, this event is specifically geared toward Chicago communities. If you are interested in attending this event but do not live in Chicago, we’d still love to have you! You will be responsible for finding your own lodging, and making your own travel arrangements.

What kinds of accessibility arrangements are available for the in-person programs?

We strive to make our programming as accessible as possible. For our in-person programming, we are committed to:

  • Offering tickets on a sliding scale basis, powered by our Collective Pricing Model
  • Making COVID-conscious spaces that are safe for all attendees (see more below)
  • Providing all-gender bathroom options
  • Making sure all in-person venues are wheelchair accessible
  • Setting up additional spaces that can be used as quiet rooms or nursing rooms if needed
  • Including text-based animations, closed captions, or live ASL interpretation for all audio-first storytelling

If you have further questions about accessibility or want to coordinate with us to ensure your needs are met, please contact us at:

What is Third Coast’s COVID-19 policy?

As we return to in-person programming, our goal is to create COVID-conscious spaces that are safe for all attendees, including immunocompromised members of our communities. In order to keep our events safe, we’re committed to the following:

  • Providing both indoor and outdoor spaces for guests to assemble, especially for eating and drinking,
  • Asking guests to mask when indoors
  • Having additional masks on-site for guests to use
  • Strongly encouraging all guests to take a COVID-19 rapid or PCR test before arriving
  • While we will not require proof of vaccination to enter our in-person events, we encourage all guests to stay vaccinated against COVID-19 and know when it’s your turn to get a booster. To learn more and stay up to date on vaccines and boosters in Illinois, click here.
Can I wait to buy a ticket to the in-person programming until I arrive onsite?

Tickets are first-come first-serve, so you shouldn’t count on buying a ticket after arriving onsite – there may not be any left! (However, if we do still have tickets available, then yes, we will be selling them on-site at the in-person programming venue.) Still, we encourage you to purchase in advance to reserve your place. For onsite tickets, we will only accept cards, not cash.