Collective Pricing Model

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What is our Collective Pricing Model?


A fundamental conviction we hold at Third Coast is that everyone should feel invited into our programming — and while that hasn’t always been the case, we’ve been taking steps to align our actions with our values. There are so many things that keep folks from entering our programming, but huge among them is financial accessibility.

That’s why we adopted a pricing philosophy — what we’re calling our Collective Pricing Model — that is community conscious, responsive, and honors the resources that you have right now. In a collective pricing model, we invite you, our community, to consider what you’re able to offer in the context of other folks in the industry. This initiative requires you to consider yourself as part of a larger community; this way, we can all arrive more equitably, together.

We introduced collective pricing in 2020 as a radically more accessible pricing philosophy that better aligns with Third Coast’s strengthened and evolving values. We also created a new pricing model with the history of our own organization in mind.


2021 Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition

  • We’re excited to translate a collective pricing model to the Third Coast/RHDF Competition. So what does this mean? We ask that folks determine their entry fees by the length of their work, the institutional support & individual resources they have at their disposal, and their geographic limitations. In other words: What support do you have, and what support are you able to provide?
  • Find the rundown of 2021 Competition Entry Fees, here.

2020 Third Place Programming

  • In 2020, we created Third Place (a digital destination for all of our virtual programming) using a pay-what-you-can model for producers worldwide, rather than a single registration fee. These sliding-scale tickets ($25-$495) gave producers access to everything our virtual Third Place world has to offer: experimental live performances and skill-building sessions by the most inspiring folks in the industry; community meetups to build solidarity and support; curated collections from shows and makers you've never heard; plus resources, creative prompts, career networking, access to our Sunday festivals, and much more. We also sold individual tickets for a handful of live events in the Third Place universe for fans and appreciators of the medium, as well as folks who are still exploring the industry or are curious about audio storytelling. At Third Place, this included our Main Stage performances, and two half-day events, inspired by The Fest & our Filmless Festivals. Tickets were available to purchase individually by any and all audio appreciators. Main Stage tickets started at $12; Sunday festivals started at $25.