Axel Kacoutié

Axel Kacoutié (@AxelKacoutie)(they/them) is an Audio Artist and poet who's been crafting sound, music, and words to challenge the familiar and revive a magic in the mundane.

Previously the Creative Director of Sound at the Guardian, their work has featured on BBC airwaves, Spotify, and in physical spaces such as the Tate Modern (2023), and Sundance Film Festival (2022). Recent collaborations include those with Falling Tree Productions, Shade Podcast, Somerset House, and many, many more.


Without further ado... here are the eleven extraordinary stories reflect the finest work in the narrative audio industry & push the boundaries of audio storytelling, selected by these 20 judges, and in the categories of... Best New Artist, Radio Impact, Best News Feature, Audio Unbound, Best Documentary: Short, Best Documentary: Non-English Language, Best Serialized Story, Best Documentary (Gold, Silver, Bronze), and Directors’ Choice: