Tuck Woodstock

Tuck Woodstock (@tuckwoodstock) is a queer journalist, audio producer, and inclusivity educator based in Portland, Oregon. During the 2019 Late Night Provocations, Tuck spoke on how trans-affirming storytelling can make all of our stories — not just those explicitly about trans people — more accurate, more inclusive, and frankly more interesting.

In addition to contributing to the Washington Post, Bitch, and Portland Monthly, they currently produce and host Gender Reveal, a weekly podcast that explores nonbinary and transgender identity. Tuck also attended the Third Coast Radio Residency in 2019.


2019 Provocations

On the first night of the 2019 Third Coast Conference, all 800+ attendees gathered for a series of short, provocative talks.

Our favorite tradition on the opening night of the Third Coast Conference.... this time, with some SPOOKY energy!