For one weekend each fall, the Third Coast Conference transforms Chicago into the center of the audio universe... Early Registration opens July 23!

The Third Coast Conference brings together a community of over 800 audio producers, journalists, reporters & artists together from around the world for two and half days of curated conversation, focusing on the art and craft of audio storytelling.

The 2019 Third Coast Conference will take place October 31-November 2, 2019 / Hyatt Regency McCormick Place (2233 S. King Drive) / Chicago, Illinois.

This year, we’re opening up two opportunities to register for the 2019 Third Coast Conference: Early Bird Registration (starting Tuesday, July 23) and the Regular Registration (starting Tuesday, August 27.)

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New announcements:

Early Bird & Regular Registration are "Staggered" this year (this a good thing!)

What does this mean, exactly? On July 23, we’ll open Early Bird Registration at the Early Bird rate ($430) until the spots sell out, as usual. This is an opportunity to register early for those of you out there who are chomping at the bit to start prepping for #ThirdCoast19. After we sell out of Early Bird Registrations, we’ll close our first round of registration. Then we’ll open up our second round of registration on August 27 at the Regular rate ($495) until we sell the Conference out completely.

Announcing the 2019 Third Coast Advisory Group

Get to know all six members of the first-ever Third Coast Advisory Group + learn more about their focus for the year.

2019 Third Coast Conference Nuts & Bolts

Important Dates

Mark these on your calendar!

Early Bird Registration opens:
Tuesday, July 23

Early Bird Registration closes:
Early Bird Registration closes once all spots have sold out

Regular Registration opens:
Tuesday, August 27

Regular Registration closes:
Regular Registration closes once all spots have sold out - we approximate within a month

Volunteer Program & AIR New Voices Scholars announced:
Monday, August 29

Registration rates

The must-knows.

Early Bird Registration rate:

Main Registration rate:

2019 Third Coast Volunteer Program

Applications to the 2019 Volunteer Program have closed.

We'll announce the Third Coast Volunteers alongside the AIR New Voices Scholars on Monday, July 29.

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There are more ways than ever to sponsor the 2019 Third Coast Conference. Join us for the opportunity to connect with an amazing gathering of producers, makers, and industry leaders.

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Community Accountability

An Introduction.

Each year, we have the honor (and great responsibility) of bringing together radio producers from around the world in Chicago to celebrate the power and possibilities of this medium. Without all of you, there would be no Third Coast, and no Third Coast Conference.

We’ve been thinking critically about what accountability means in terms of our relationship to you, our community. Our goal is, first and foremost, to support you throughout your career, and to be a place that you can return to, and be heard. We’re excited to bring this project of community accountability to you, a vital piece of the work we’ve been doing to make Third Coast a visionary organization in this field.

In that, we’re committed to being clear in our communication, transparent in our decision-making, and to center your feedback in building this year’s Conference.

So, a first step: We’ve added a clause to our contract with the Hyatt-Regency McCormick, our host hotel, requiring them to let us know within 10 days about any labor relations disputes involving the hotel and its employees, and to allow us to withdraw, withhold, or cancel our programming at the Hyatt in the case of such a dispute. We made serious mistakes in 2018 around this, and it’s our priority to build the kind of organization we want to see in the world. We see this as a first step towards that goal.

We’ll have more updates in the coming weeks and months about where we are in this process, where we hope to go, and ways we want to involve you. Thank you for your continued support & stay tuned!

NEW: We're thrilled to announce the 2019 Third Coast Conference Advisory Group, working directly with the Third Coast team to examine the structure and organization behind community and accountability at the 2019 Conference.

(Ongoing) FAQ

What's the difference between Early Bird Registration and Main Registration?
We earmark approximately 40 percent of our paid registrations (anybody other than sponsors or presenters) at the Early Bird Registration rate, which is $65 less than the Main Registration rate. To pay the Early Bird rate, we suggest you plan to register as soon as you can when registration opens on July 23.

How long does it typically take for Early Bird Registration to sell out?
Last year, Early Bird spots sold out in about three weeks!

How will I know how many Early Bird spots are left?
We will keep you regularly updated on the number of Early Bird spots available, via Twitter, Facebook, and here, on Producer News! Once all of the spots have sold out, we will move into to Main Registration until the Conference sells out.

How do these rates compare to last year?
We haven’t raised our rates for the Third Coast Conference for the past three years.

What else do I need to know about applying to be a Volunteer at the Conference?
Nothing else, for now! Check out the 2018 cohort of Conference Volunteers & stay tuned for more information about the application process next month.

What is the Third Coast Volunteer Program?
Read all about it here (and get to know the 2018 cohort of Third Coast Volunteers, who were very awesome!)

Is it okay if I apply to both the Third Coast Volunteer Program & the AIR New Voices Scholarship (or any other scholarship opportunity?)

How can I learn more about Volunteer applications?
Sit tight & wait for more information about applications, coming out next month!

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