The 2016 Third Coast Radio Residency

2016 Third Coast Radio Residents: Andrew Mambo, Erica Mu, Erika Beras, James T. Green, Mooj Zadie, Paola Mardo and Sayre Quevedo.

In June of 2016, these 7 residents came together for the inaugural Third Coast Radio Residency at the Ragdale Foundation, just outside Chicago. During their week away from the demands and deadlines of everyday life, each Resident made progress on their own audio project, while sharing expertise and sonic camaraderie with one another. Mentor Nishat Kurwa (Youth Radio, Vox Media) was on-site all the while, offering one-one-one guidance and editing sessions.

See photos from the (first-ever!) 2016 Third Coast Radio Residency.

The Third Coast Radio Residency is supported by the Third Coast Fund, an initiative to increase access to Third Coast programming, and the Ragdale Foundation.