2010 ShortDocs Challenge: Book Odds


For the 2010 ShortDocs Challenge we teamed up with The Books, IOHO one of the most inventive and creative bands making music today.


The Book Odds challenge was inspired by the use of sampled sound in The Books' music. With the help of Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong we chose eight audio samples from their vast library of sonic offerings, and four song titles from their record The Way Out, to get the creative cogs turning.


Each ShortDoc had to:

  • include at least two of the samples from The Books' "sample bucket"
  • be named after one of the four song titles we chose


141 Book Odds were submitted from 14 countries. Four were chosen as the 2010 ShortDocs, and were presented, with producers and The Books on-hand, during the opening session of the 2010 Third Coast Conference.

Listen to the winners below, and hear all the submissions in our audio library.

(Bicycle) Chain of Missing Links

2010 ShortDocs Winner! An 80-day bicycle trip from New York City to Seattle, camping and recording along the way, condensed into three minutes.

All You Need is a Wall - 16

2010 ShortDocs Winner! In 2004, a group of Pride Day revellers gathered for a party on Creighton Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia and were treated to a riveting display of hermaphroditic slug sex.