2004 ShortDocs Challenge: Darkness


For the 2004 ShortDocs Challenge, we invited producers to submit proposals for stories inspired by the idea of "darkness."


By the end count, 120 proposals were submitted from five countries. Four of the proposals were chosen and then produced as the 2004 Third Coast ShortDocs. These four were presented, with producers on-hand, at the opening session of the 2004 Third Coast Conference.

Listen to the finished pieces below.

Dinner at the Blind Cow

From the moment you enter the restaurant's dining room, you're in complete darkness. Blind waiters take your order, help you find your water glass, and lead you to the bathroom as needed.

Memento Mori

Some members of Jude Fletcher's family have a fondness for taking pictures of the dead. Their photo albums boast the typical shots of joyous celebrations and family gatherings, side by side with shots of loved ones in their caskets.

Listening to Jamie

Imagine a cold London winter, where the bizarre and unpredictable sounds made by producer Hugh Levinson's sleeping newborn punctuate the dark nights in the most unimaginable ways.