An homage to those who've made history as fierce, undeniable, unusual women.

Featuring the radio evangelist you’ve never heard of, a Kenyan marathon runner, two eight year-old girls who also happen to be transgender, and many survivors, fighters & dreamers.

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Lucia's Letter

Slavery in America still exists. In southwest Florida, for example, women and girls from Central America arrive everyday looking for a better life.


One of the most remarkable marathon finishes in recent history was recorded in 2009 in Boston. There, Kenyan runner, Salina Kosgei had her sights set on the finish line, having traveled half way around the world to get there.

Tea for Matilda

Feminist historian Sally Roesch Wagner muses that well-behaved women rarely make history while mis-behaved radicals, such as 19th century women's rights and peace activist Matilda Joslyn Gage, seldom make history books.