Featuring A Strong Female Lead

Netflix isn't the only place to find a "Strong Female Lead." All of these audio stories feature the voices of kick-ass women.

Britney / Starlee Kine, Mystery Show
Chicago to Mexico by Bus / Linda Lutton, WBEZ
Teen Contender / Radio Diaries
My Parents Extreme Tango Makeover / Yowei Shaw, Transom
Woman Emerges from the Dark / Marianne McCune, WNYC
Melissa's Story / Radio Diaries
Shocking Pink / Hollis Taylor


Andrea is a writer who no one reads. Her second novel bombed. She never saw anyone reading it. That is until 2008.

Shocking Pink

Australian anthropologist, botanist, and eccentric Olive Pink waged a 40-year, one-woman civil rights campaign on behalf of the Aboriginal peoples until her death in 1975.