Families Make Great Tape

We know... spending the holiday season with your family can be fraught, even painful. But whether or not you actually like your family, remember that you can always get a great story out of them.

We dug into our archives for stories that capture the sound of families, in all of their idiosyncratic glory.

Chanukah, 1992

One minute, snatched from a Chanukah party in 1992. Gwen Macsai's party, to be exact.


2008 ShortDocs Winner! The bittersweet fear of watching your child grow up.

First You Leave and Then You Go

Karen's dad wanted to pass on his curiosity and his faith to his seven children. Karen inherited that curiosity, but sharing his faith is another story.

The Big Night

Producer Jonathan Goldstein made every girl he ever dated watch the home movie of his family's Rosh Hashanah dinner he made when he was 17.