6 Stories. 6 Producers To Know.

To kick off 2019, Third Coast invited producers whose narrative audio work we’ve never featured before, to send us the best story they’ve made recently. We called it the Producer Index Challenge.

Now, we've chosen 6 winning stories & their producers, and we're featuring them all on this playlist.

We’re thrilled to share this playlist of stories from producers whose narrative work we've never before featured. We're thrilled to introduce you to winning works of Jazmin Aguilera, Sandhya Dirks, Erin Anderson, Arwen Nicks, Melanie Kruvelis & Wederik de Backer.

Being Siri

A woman gives away an intimate, personal part of herself—a part of herself that she wasn’t even that crazy about to begin with: her voice. And she gives it away to a total stranger.

The Earthquake

About a year ago, producers at KPCC started discussing the inevitable major quake set to hit Los Angeles and wondered how they could get people to not just listen but really prepare. The Big One: Your Survival Guide is what they came up with.

The Audio Guide to Grieving

Sometimes, a death in the family means cousins and casseroles. And sometimes — for one reason or another — it means figuring it out on your own.

Purple Rain

“Mihai” – a pseudonym he chose himself – has a lifelong history of drugs and psychosis.