BEHIND THE SCENES with Sel: Trois Facons (Salt: Three Ways)

Sel: Trois Facons (Salt: Three Ways) was one of eight finalists nominated for the 2013 People's ShortDoc Award. Here's what some of the listeners who voted for it had to say about the story

  • Lovely...I grew up in northern Vermont where poutine is kind of run of the mill (french fries, cottage cheese, powdered beef gravy). But this piece captures the wonder and yet utter ordinariness of the Quebec delicacy the further north you go (I also like the sly reference to Separatism). - Sel won me over with the contrast between the speaker and the translator. There was something incredibly provacative about the passion you heard in the could hear the intensity with which she believed was the ONLY way to make poutine. While the narrators voice was curiously detached from the words she was actually speaking. It was just very striking and sort of beautiful. - Rather than explaining what the heck poutine is to my American friends, I will forward this...tres funny. - I love the multilingual element, and the simple focus of the story, as well as all the evocative vocabulary used.