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Ratatat, "Cherry," Ratatat (XL Recordings, 2004) Ratatat, "Breaking Away," Ratatat (XL Recordings, 2004) Cars Are the Stars, "Toute Me Parle," Fragments (Chez Moi, 2005) Evax, "To Scale a Fish," Parking Lot Music (Audio Dregs, 2001) Rainstick Orchestra, "Powderly," The Floating Glass Key in the Sky (Ninja Tune, 2004) Mice Parade, "The Days before Fiction," Ben-Vinda Vontade (Bubble Core, 2005) Langius, "A Simple Thought," The Four Walls (Plug Research, 2004) Mice Parade, "Passing and Galloping," Ben-Vinda Vontade* (Bubble Core, 2005)