Behold! Here are the five puzzles created especially for the Third Coast Conference by The Puzzler, aka Sandor Weisz from EveryBlock, our 2012 ShortDocs partner. Each image represents a public radio show. The answers are revealed in the last few minutes of the ShortDocs session

  1. ![](http://s3.amazonaws.com/3rdcoast-pictures/631/content.jpg?1351109573

  2. ![](http://s3.amazonaws.com/3rdcoast-pictures/632/content.jpg?1351109626

  3. ![](http://s3.amazonaws.com/3rdcoast-pictures/633/content.jpg?1351109648

  4. ![](http://s3.amazonaws.com/3rdcoast-pictures/634/content.jpg?1351109682