Man 1: So I had a garden... and a small pond was created there. Man 2: Well, yes, so we needed something to go inside

Man 2: We help them a little bit... Man 1: Yes, we help them along..

Man 1: So in that little cup, the tadpoles appear... they grow legs and then they drop their tails. They need food, so we get them dry cat food. And it floats on the water and you see them, nibbling on the cat food

Man 1: Here, in the backgardens of this block, there are more ponds and several populations. Man 2: There must be a few thousand of them fumbling around the neighborhood. Man 1: Oh yes, in this neighborhood, I think so, yeah

Man 1: What I do is, I take out the nests of frogspawn, and I put it in a big box and I exchange it with others. So you get new blood, new bloodlines. We once had them come out bronze, shiny bronze, copper color. Just ordinary brown frogs. It's completely random, you never know beforehand how they'll turn out. I loved that

Man 1: Outside, there are pigeons and crows and jays and herons. They come for dinner here. Five stars, just like that, those frogs come in all sizes, they [the herons] never leave emptyhanded. Yes, yes

Man 1: The neighbors here at number 9, they've started throwing tangerines at the pond... at the heron. The heron came for dinner, and he saw that, and he thought, we can't have that, they will eat all the frogs, and then he started throwing tangerines at them, to chase those animals away. He didn't dare to throw stones

Man 2: I really like running into them, I love meeting them Man 1: Yes. Surprised and bemused, every time I see one. And I always say: hi froggy! Hello!