Best News Feature (BNF)

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The Best News Feature (BNF) award honors exceptional news features reported worldwide. Submissions should be stories (local, national, international) produced in response to events and issues. Enterprising work that brings new stories to light is also encouraged. News Shorts may include journalistic formats beyond traditional documentary, including the two-way, essay, or other forms used via radio and podcast.

Eligibility Information

Length: 0-20 minutes
Publication: Must have been published between February 1, 2019 and May 11, 2021.
Format: One single audio file. All advertisements or sponsorship segments must be removed from the audio file — this includes previews for upcoming episodes of this or other programs.
Language: There are no language requirements for this category. If you are entering work in a non-English language, you must provide a translated transcript.

Entry Checklist

  • Audio file (mp3 preferred, WAV also accepted) with all ads removed.
  • Total length of the entry (Minutes:Seconds)
  • Link to a published version of the story
  • Full credits (host, producer, sound designer, editor, etc.)
  • Description/summary of your entry
  • Transcript (optional for English-language entries, required for non-English)

Best News Feature FAQ

How do I know if my entry is a News Feature?

Best News Feature entries are 0-20-minute-long pieces that should be driven by an event or a news-peg, however big or small, and proceed from there. These stories are often locally-focused, community driven, and made on a short deadline. It's okay if, by the time of submission, BNF content feels dated from a news perspective; we’re interested in BNF entries capturing a moment in time. BNF entries are eligible to additionally be considered for Best New Artist and Impact.

If your piece falls outside of this description, it probably better qualifies as BD or BDS. And if we think you’ve mis-categorized your piece, and we think it would be more competitive in a different category, we’ll move it on our end.

Do I need to be a journalist, or work for a news organization to enter this category?

No. Eligibility for this category is determined by the work itself, not by the maker’s credentials.

What is the prize for winning a Best News Feature award?

See the complete list of Prizes + Why Enter? including other reasons why you might consider entering our Competition.