Best Documentary: Short (BDS)

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Created in 2020, Best Documentary: Short (BDS) awards stories that are short on time, but not short on craft or ambition! We created this category because we believe that short- form audio stories deserve a platform and a spotlight—and are a different conceptual beast than longer documentary projects. We are looking for stories that accomplish the extraordinary in 10 minutes or less a short period of time.

Eligibility Information

  • Length: 0-10 minutes
  • Publication: Must have been published between February 1, 2019 and May 18th, 2021.
  • Format: One single audio file. All advertisements or sponsorship segments must be removed from the audio file — this includes previews for upcoming episodes of this or other programs.
  • Language: There are no language requirements for this category. If you are entering work in a non-English language, you must provide a translated transcript.

Entry Fees

Entry Checklist

  • Audio file (mp3 preferred, WAV also accepted) with all ads removed
  • Total length of the series (Minutes:Seconds)
  • Link to a published version of the story
  • Full credits (host, producer, sound designer, editor, etc.)
  • Description/summary of your entry
  • Transcript (optional for English-language series, required for non-English)

Best Documentary: Short FAQ

How do I enter this category?

If your entry meets the eligibility requirements above, you may select “Best Serialized Story” on the entry form.

Can I enter other categories too?

Yes. If you are entering the Best Documentary: Short category, your entry is automatically considered for Directors’ Choice. It may also be eligible for Best New Artist, Impact, Best Documentary in a Non-English Language, and others. It is not eligible for Best Documentary or Best Serialized Story.

What is the prize for winning a Best Documentary: Short award?

See the complete list of Prizes + Why Enter? including other reasons why you might consider entering our Competition.