Best Documentary: Non-English Language

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Through the Best Documentary: Non-English Language Award (BNEL), Third Coast celebrates outstanding audio work produced in languages other than English, from anywhere in the world. While entries in non-English languages may be considered for other categories too, this category remains a place to specifically award a single excellent work in a language other than English.

Eligibility Information

  • Length: No length restrictions.
  • Publication: Must have been published between February 1, 2019 and May 18th, 2021.
  • Format: One single audio file. All advertisements or sponsorship segments must be removed from the audio file — this includes previews for upcoming episodes of this or other programs.
  • Language: Must be in a language other than English.

Entry Fees

Entry Checklist

  • Audio file (mp3 preferred, WAV also accepted) with all ads removed
  • Total length of the entry (Minutes:Seconds)
  • Link to a published version of the story
  • Full credits (host, producer, sound designer, editor, etc.)
  • Description/summary of your entry
  • Translated transcript, with regular time codes and page numbers. We strongly encourage you to submit a bilingual transcript, but it is not required.

Best Documentary: Non-English Language FAQ

Can I enter other categories too?

Yes. There are no language requirements on any other categories, so as long as you meet the other eligibility criteria, you are welcome to submit this entry into multiple categories.

How should I format the transcript?

All entries meant to be heard and understood in a language other than English must be accompanied by one easy-to-read PDF transcript in English. An original-language transcript is also welcome, but not required. The transcript should include: Regular time codes (at least one per page); Non-verbal cues such as music, sounds or effects (when possible); Page numbers. See an example transcript here. (Note: We love the artful elements of the cover page of this transcript, but that’s not a requirement for this category.)

Can I submit a video with English-language subtitles in addition to transcripts of the piece?

Yes, we love subtitled videos! Please include the link in the "Entry Summary." Alternately, if you run out of space in the Entry Summary, you can add a page or paragraph to your transcript PDF with a link to the video. Additionally, if you like, you are welcome to send us the video directly via a filesharing service like WeTransfer or Dropbox—whatever works best for you.

What is the prize for winning a Best Documentary: Non-English Language award?

See the complete list of Prizes + Why Enter? including other reasons why you might consider entering our Competition.