Tales of the Tools
Jeff Towne


TCF, USA, 2010
Conference Audio
How to, Technology
98 38


New developments in both hard and software are making audio production much more affordable, flexible, and convenient.

In this session Jeff Towne discuss devices, programs, and techniques that have proved themselves especially useful. See and hear the latest flash recorders, discover which mics work best with them, and check out affordable, and easy-to-learn editing programs for desktop computers and even cell phones. Yes, you may bring specific questions.

[Near the beginning of the session, Towne is joined by software developer Nick Dunkerly, for a conversation about the newly-released Hindenburg editing software.]


Over the course of 20+ years with the nationally-syndicated radio program Echoes, Jeff Towne has recorded interviews and musical performances in locations ranging from closets to cathedrals. He’s also the tools editor for Transom.org, a Peabody Award-winning website dedicated to channeling new voices to public radio. In his spare time, Towne tries to convince independent radio producers not to throw expensive new microphones through their computer screens, just because the Pro Tools bounce handler can’t keep up.


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Good panel - thanks for recordings and sharing.
Posted by ijwilson from Sydney at 02/23/2016