Cooler by the Lake
Rick Moody and Laura Vitale


TCF, USA, 2009
Library Spotlight, ShortDocs
Chicago, Environment, Sound Drop
06 14


To celebrate the launch of our new website, the TCF presents the Chicago Sound Drops - short audio works that conjure the city through sound, story, and imagination.

Cooler by the Lake: A classical composer, Stuart Brocklehurst, attempts to deal with his writer's block through environmental field recording.

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Rick Moody is the author of five novels, three collections of stories, a memoir, and, most recently, a volume of essays On Celestial Music and Other Adventures in Listening. He also plays music in The Wingdale Community Singers, whose third album "Night, Sleep, Death" was just released by Blue Chopsticks Recordings. 

Laura Vitale is a multimedia artist and sound designer living in Brooklyn, NY. At Brown University she earned an undergraduate degree in visual art, and during that time began learning about electronic music and  sound as an artistic medium. Since then she's been absorbed with field recordings. In addition to her personal work she currently works in sound post-production for film and television.


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