Re:sound #36: The X Meets Y Show
Various producers


TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA, 2006
Fiction, International, Love
58 59


This hour: a seemingly mismatched but (mostly) happy couple, a wife who exacts revenge on her husband via beef broth, and more.

From Brooklyn to Banja Luka
by Dheera Sujan (Radio Netherlands, 2005)
Jonathan is a nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn. He has a typically New York loudness, and he’s flamboyant, musical, and pretty good with languages. Dragana is a nice Serbian girl from Bosnia. She is prone to the occasional Slavic melancholy, but is also generally loud, musical, and pretty good with languages. They live in Holland, a small and sober country that, at first glance, doesn’t seem suited to either temperament. This is the story of their improbable romance.

Olive & Jack
by Jill Dorothy Summers and David Whitcomb (Cohabitation, 2005)
This is the tale of Jack and Olive, two of the inhabitants of Jill Summers’ fictional greystone in Chicago, rendered in text, sound, video, original music, and assemblage.

by Alla Pekareva and Noah Miller (outLoud Radio, 2005)
The obstacles to young love are endless, but by far the A-number-one, top of the heap, alpha dog impediment to such romance has to be mom and dad. And when you’re gay and your mom says to you at the age of 12, “If you ever become a lesbian I’ll curse the day you were born,” it’s especially hard. 


This episode of Re:sound was produced by Roman Mars.


Hear from the other residents of Jill Summers' fictional greystone.
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Featured Music:

Lucky Pierre, "Bedwomb," Hypnogogia (Melodic UK, 2004)
CocoRosie, "Noah's Ark," Noah's Ark (Touch & Go, 2005)
Richard Cheese, "Fell in Love With a Girl," Tuxicity (Ideatown, 2002)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Modern Romance," Fever to Tell (Interscope, 2003)
Bloc Party, "This Modern Love," Silent Alarm (Vice, 2005)