Re:sound #113: The Journey Show


TCF / WBEZ, USA, 2009
Nostalgia, Travel, Youth
58 00


This hour: journeys to the far north, the moon, and other places near and far.

90 Degrees North
by Elizabeth Arnold and Emily Botein (Stories From the Heart of the Land, 2008)
From the exact top of the world, Elizabeth Arnold reflects on being so far away from the rest of it.

Tunnel Singer 
by Catherine Girardeau (Weekend America, 2005)
Sometimes even the simplest of trips is more complicated than traveling to the farthest points on a map. When Lee Ellen Shoemaker left her doctor’s office after receiving a difficult diagnosis, she had no idea which way to go or how to get there. She certainly didn’t expect to end up singing in a nearby tunnel.

The Lunar Module 
by Peter Bochan (A Shortcut Back to 1969, WBAI, 2009)
On the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing, producer Peter Bochan put together this amazing montage celebrating the event in all its glory -- by simply blasting out of it.

Running From Myself
by Louis, with Anthony Mascorro (of 826NYC) and Jay Allison (Transom.org, 2008)
For most of his high school career in Brooklyn, a young man named Louis lived in a way that he later came to regret. So he set about trying to untangle the knot his life had become by asking and answering the big questions. Who we are. What we're doing here. With a lot of thought and burgeoning insight, he tells his story.


This episode of Re:sound was produced by Delaney Hall.


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Featured music:

Odd Nosdam, "Clouded," Burner (Anticon, 2005) 
Manitoba, "Tits and Ass," Start Breaking My Heart (The Leaf Label, 2001) 
Mice Parade, "Ende," Bem-Vinda Vontade (Bubble Core, 2005) 
Park Avenue Music, "Roxy's Summer," By Hearts and Horses (Clairerecords, 2008) 
Melodium, "Felt Melt (Primitive Version)," Anaemia (Audio Dregs, 2004) 
Manitoba, "Happy Ending," Start Breaking My Heart (The Leaf Label, 2001)