College: A Hotbed of Emerging Producers -- Part One
Beverly Mire, Noe Cuellar, Lydia Hahn, Pendarvis Harshaw, and Prudent Nsengiyumva


Third Coast Conference, USA, 2008
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All around the country college students are asking for and receiving new courses that teach audio production. They're intent on finishing college with multi-media skills, and, lucky for us, they want to help shape the future of documentary audio.

Hear what the 2008 Third Coast Minority Student Scholars have to say about the medium, and get a taste of the work they're busy producing.

College: A Hotbed of Emerging Producers (part one) is moderated by Beverly Mire, and features  Noe Cuellar, Lydia Hahn, Pendarvis Harshaw and Prudent Nsengiyumva.


Beverly Mire is assistant director of education for the MIT/Terrascope Youth Radio Project. Additionally she does media outreach for the Boston Public Schools and is an evaluator for Achieve Boston. Mire is well-known for her work at Youth Radio (Oakland, CA) where for 12 years she was deputy and training director. She holds numerous awards in association with Youth Radio including a Peabody and the duPont/Columbia Silver Baton. Mire has received personal recognition from the National Association on Crime and Delinquency, and is a Salzburg Seminar fellow.

Noé Cuéllar is a sound artist and photographer originally from Laredo, TX; graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work comprises electro-acoustic music and text composition.

A variety of Cuéllar's work has been performed or exhibited at the Experimental Sound Studio's 'Edible Audible Picnic' at Millennium Park's Pritzker Pavillion (Chicago); Megapolis Audio Art and Documentary Festival (Boston); The 5th Annual Carnival of e-Creativity (Sattal, India); among others. Recent commissions include National Headquarters, Standing Point Films, Electric Eel Films, and Antibody Dance.

Lydia Hahn

Pendarvis Harshaw

Prudent Nsengiyumva


Hear part two of College: A Hotbed of Emerging Producers, also moderated by Beverly Mire and featuring Minority Student Scholars Hammad Ahmed, Michelle Cedeno, Diego Ruiz, Jordan Teklay and Will Wright.