Best of the Best: The 2013 Third Coast Festival Broadcast, Hour 2
Katie Mingle


TCF, USA, 2013
Re:sound, TCF Winners
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Re:sound's Gwen Macsai hosts Best of the Best: The 2013 Third Coast Festival Broadcast, showcasing the best radio stories of the year - winners of the 2013 TC / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition.

In this hour you'll hear: Woman Emerges from the Dark (Best News Feature), No Greater Love (Best Documentary: Honorable Mention), The Modern Day Scarlet Letter (Radio Impact Award) and Harper High School (Best Documentary: Gold Award.) This hour also features an interview with gold award winning producers, Linda Lutton and Alex Kotlowitz. 

To find out more about all of the winning producers and hear a longer interview with Linda and Alex, click on EXTRA.

We also invite you to listen to Hour 1 of Best of the Best, featuring (among others), the Best Documentary: Silver Award winner.

Best of the Best: The 2013 Third Coast Festival Broadcast was produced by Katie Mingle with help form Maya Goldberg-Safir and distributed by PRX, The Public Radio Exchange.


Katie Mingle joined the Third Coast Festival staff in June, 2010. She produces Re:sound, hosts the Third Coast Podcast, and develops features for the website. Previous to joining the Third Coast staff, Katie taught audio-editing and documentary skills to high school students and produced her own work, much of which has aired on Re:sound. 


Hear more from winners of the 2013 TC/RHDF Competition:

Temitayo Fagbenle and Courtney Stein
Jesse CoxRussell Stapleton and Claudia Taranto 
Marianne McCune and Karen Frillmann
Ben CalhounLinda Lutton and Alex Kotlowitz
Listen to the full first and second hours of Harper High School.

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Listen to the full Behind the Scenes interview with Linda Lutton Alex Kotlowitz.


Bonobo, "Walk in the Sky," Days to Come, (Ninja Tune, 2006)
Four Tet, "Unicorn," Beautiful Rewind, (Text, 2013)
Boards of Canada, "Jacquard Causeway," Tomorrow's Harvest (Warp, 2013)
Goddamn Electric Bill, "Up The Coast," Dead Alive, (Pro.con, 2013)
Kodomo, "Concept 1" Still Life, (5 Points Records, 2008)
Goddamn Electric Bill, "Graceland," Dead Alive, (Pro.con, 2013)
Goddamn Electric Bill, "Bigs Drum," Dead Alive, (Pro.con, 2013)