Keep Them Guessing
Jesse Cox, Russell Stapleton, and Claudia Taranto


360documentaries, Australia, 2013
TCF Winners
Art, Family, Memory, Mind
35 58


As a young boy, producer Jesse Cox discovered a set of old cassette tapes which turned out to be a hugely popular BBC radio show featuring his grandparents.

The tapes had been sitting in the front room of his parent's home for years - recordings of an unsolved mystery that has captivated and kept his family guessing for three generations.

Keep Them Guessing won the Directors' Choice Award in the 2013 Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition. It was produced by Jesse Cox, with sound engineer Russell Stapleton and supervising producer Claudia Taranto for ABC Radio National's 360documentaries in 2012. 

Listen to all nine winners of the 2013 TC/RHDF Competition, and check out the EXTRA section below for a few related links and to hear Jesse accepting his award.


Jesse Cox (@mrjessecox) is a producer with ABC RN’s Creative Audio Unit, and presenter of the weekly show Radiotonic. Besides working on the airwaves, Jesse has created sound installations in beach showers, on moving trains and as geo-locative apps, and performed documentary stories live, on stage. He was co-creator of ABC RN’s Long Story Short and FBi Radio’s All the Best, and has made features for programs such as RN’s 360documentaries

Russell Stapleton is a sound engineer, producer and composer working for ABC Radio National. He enjoys projects which combine the classic genres of documentary, drama and music into compelling and above all, entertaining radio. Internationally, Russell’s work has won success at the Prix Italia, Prix Marulic, Phonurgia Nova, Third Coast and New York Festivals. 

Claudia Taranto started working at ABC Radio National when she was fresh out of University and she has produced for many programs including; Life Matters, The Listening Room, The Comfort Zone and Street Stories. She taught Indigenous broadcasters for two years in North Queensland and briefly worked in television but found the intimacy of radio more compelling. She is the founding Executive Producer of 360documentaries and has won national and international awards for her programs. She’s loves nurturing new radio storytellers and sailing on Sydney Harbour. 


Hear more from Jesse Cox and another radio doc about the Piddingtons. Then check out 360documentaries, the show Keep Them Guessing originally aired on.

The photo of Jessie with his award was snapped by Kate Joyce.