The Story as Walkabout
Krissy Clark and Pejk Malinovski


Third Coast Conference, USA, 2012
Conference Audio
Environment, How to, Media, Technology
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Smartphones and other gadgets have detached our listening experiences from the radio, and are making another kind of attachment possible - to where the stories actually take place.

Narrative becomes a path through a landscape, geography becomes your editor. Krissy Clark and Pejk Malinovski explore existing projects and further possibilities for how place-based storytelling can reveal the hidden stories that surround us.

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Krissy Clark is the senior reporter for Marketplace’s Wealth & Poverty desk, and founder of Storieseverywhere.org, a location-based mobile-phone storytelling project. Her stories and documentaries have aired on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Freakonomics Radio, BBC and American RadioWorks. Her sound-walks have been exhibited by The New Museum’s Festival of Ideas in NYC in collaboration with StoryCorps, and at San Francisco’s Gray Area Foundation for the Arts.

Pejk Malinovski is a freelance radio producer, sound artist and poet. His documentaries have aired on PRI, National Danish Radio and BBC; his sound pieces have been shown in museums and galleries. In 2012 he launched Passing Stranger, an audio walking tour of the East Village's poetry history. He was also the co-creator and host of Thirdear, an online audio magazine and he continues to edit and translate books for Forlaget Basilisk, a poet-run publishing house in Copenhagen.


Photos of this session snapped by Kate Joyce.

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A really important talk on the cusp of a whole new audio fronties.
Posted by Hamish from Sewell at 01/11/2013