Pitch Perfect: The Art of Editorial Persuasion (Day 2)
Emily Botein


Third Coast Conference, USA, 2012
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Now a bonafide Third Coast tradition... this session pulls back the curtain on one of the most difficult and important skills every producer needs to master: pitching a story.

Editors and producers from a wide variety of programs and networks consider pitches in front of a live audience. Emily Botein moderates with Tom Cole (NPR), Jeremy Skeet (BBC) and Anna Sussman (Snap Judgment). 

Thanks to AIR (Association for Independents in Radio) for sponsoring this session.

Learn more about this session's pitchees, and hear Pitch Perfect (Day 1), also moderated by Botein with Jacob Conrad (KCRW), John Haas (Marketplace) and Julie Snyder (This American Life).


Emily Botein is an award-winning independent radio producer based in New York, with a focus on documentaries and cultural programming. She has launched national shows, produced pilots and selected series. Botein's work has been broadcast on a range of shows and institutions, including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The Metropolitan Opera, National Public Radio, The Next Big Thing, Studio 360, Weekend America and WNYC Radio. Currently she produces WNYC's Here's the Thing.


Photos of the Pitch Perfect session by Kate Joyce.

Check out Here's the Thing, hosted by Alec Baldwin and produced by Emily Botein.

Learn more about out this session's pitchees and where they work:
Tom Cole / NPR
Jeremy Skeet on how the BBC commissions work / BBC World Service
Anna Sussman / Snap Judgment

Read some of Bianca Giaever's thoughts (written up for Transom.org) about participating in the session as a pitcher.

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