The Battle Over Billing Codes
Gregory Warner


APM's Marketplace, USA, 2012
TCF Winners
Industry, Money, Work
06 12


There are two main things that happen when you go to the doctor - you deal with your health concerns and you fill out a small mountain of paperwork.

Usually that paperwork has a bunch of numbers on it - procedure codes. You probably don't pay much attention to them. But they're at the very heart of the way we do health care in the U.S. because every code has a dollar amount attached.

The Battle Over Billing Codes won the Best News Feature Award in the 2012 Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition.The story was produced by Gregory Warner with editor Betsy Streisand for Marketplace.

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Gregory Warner is relocating to Nairobi to become the East Africa correspondent for NPR. Before this he was senior health reporter for Marketplace, tracing the financial incentives in American medicine. His stories have aired on Radiolab and This American Life, and he has written for Slate and The New York Times. He's received numerous fellowships and prizes including a 2009 Best News Feature award from Third Coast.


Winner photo by Vanessa Churchill Photography.

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Hear all nine winners of the 2012 TC/RHDF Competition.


Wow! I work for UCSF, the second largest employer in S.F. This is a revelation and I will pass this on to every doc, & administor I can.
Posted by Fay Nissenbaum from San Francisco at 11/22/2012