Natalie Kestecher


ABC's 360Documentaries, Australia, 2012
TCF Winners
Humorous, Identity, Philosophy
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Ever noticed it’s the hard decisions that are often the easiest ones to make, and the inconsequential ones that can twist you into a knot?

Chronically indecisive, producer Natalie Kestecher is painfully aware that her condition impacts the people around her, so she embarks on a novel way to make up her mind. 

String received the Directors' Choice Award in the 2012 Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition. The story was produced by Natalie Kestecher with sound engineer Timothy Nicastri, for ABC Radio National's 360documentaries.

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Natalie Kestecher is a documentary maker on 360documentaries at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She writes and produces radio stories for feature, documentary and music programs at ABC Radio National. Kestecher regularly blends fixation, fate, fact and fiction to create unusual stories that demonstrate the fluid form and boundless possibilities of the radio medium.


Winner photo (of acceptance video) by Vanessa Churchill Photography

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Hear all nine of the 2012 TC/RHDF Competition winners.


This makes what a friend of mine does to make decisions much easier to understand, thank you.
Posted by Kathy from Chicago at 11/25/2012