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In the Spotlight

We've Forgotten James Powell

By Nate DiMeo

As we near the end of a violent summer of 2014, we look back to the summer of 1964. Late afternoon, New York City: a group of kids hangs out on a stoop after a day of summer school, just kicking it, like they always do. (more)


Re:sound #180 The Tit for Tat Show

This hour: the story of Sandra Willson. (more)


A Double Header

Sunday 11/9/14

Join us on Nov. 9 in Chicago for This American Life's Nancy Updike and 99% Invisible's Roman Mars!

It's Third Coast Conf Time...

We can't wait to see you -  producers, editors, podcasters, reporters - at this years radio gathering/shindig!

Winners Announced Soon!

Mark your calendars: On October 8th we'll share the winners of the 2014 TC/RHDF Competition. Fun. 


... to everyone who applied for a New Voices scholarship to attend the Third Coast Conference


Andrew Mason (Groupon founder) and crew reinvent the audio tour with Detour.


Yes! Thoughts about other people's dreams (via Radiotonic)


A sound piece just won an award for drawing. Say Whaaaa?

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