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In the Spotlight

Public-powered Journalism

By Jennifer Brandel, Logan Jaffe, and Shawn Allee

Learn how sharing the mic and megaphone can expand your beat, your stories, and your craft. (more)


Re:sound #198 The Off Course Show

This hour stories of detours, bad directions and finding the right path... on the road and in life. (more)


Best of the Best

Wednesday 12/31/14

Our broadcast of the year's best radio airs on a station near you this holiday season. 

Podcast Therapy

Sunday 1/25/15

Get on the bandwagon people! Cuz Podcasts are the new HBO. Bring your smart phone and we'll take it from there. 

2 Third Coast Internships

Deadlines are coming up January 12th for 2 rad Third Coast internships. Don't dally...

Listen to the TC Conf

We're rolling out the 2014 TC Conf sessions to edify and inspire!

Drumroll, pls...

Announcing who-won-what in the 2014 TC/RHDF Competition!


For the radiohead on your list, cool new TC merch!


In A Box of 78s, Dinah Bird finds the sounds her grandmother heard.   


'Play the Road' a collaboration of VW and genius sound designer Nick Ryan. Watch a live drive here.

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