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In the Spotlight

Happy Birthday, Darling!

By Dmitry Nikolaev

A romantic dinner for two begins with champagne and ends... with all out war. (more)


Re:sound #165 Enemies to Friends Show

This hour: people who start out as bitter enemies and end up in places you could never predict. (more)


A Double Header

Sunday 11/9/14

Join us on Nov. 9 in Chicago for This American Life's Nancy Updike and 99% Invisible's Roman Mars!

It's Third Coast Conf Time...

The deadline to register is Monday 10/27 - but it's likely we'll run out of space earlier. So please, register lickety-split. 

Winners Announced Soon!

Mark your calendars: On October 8th we'll share the winners of the 2014 TC/RHDF Competition. Fun. 

We can't wait

to meet the newest class of  AIR New Voices scholars in November! Learn all about them, here


Andrew Mason (Groupon founder) and crew reinvent the audio tour with Detour.


Yes! Thoughts about other people's dreams (via Radiotonic)


A sound piece just won an award for drawing. Say Whaaaa?

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