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New in the Third Coast Library: Ghetto Life 101

Many of the radio/podcasts you enjoy today were influenced by a single ground-breaking program. The year was 1993, and two kids living on Chicago's Southside were given tape recorders to document their lives.

What the World Needs Now: Love Stories

Because nothing, ever, beats a love story. Share this playlist with someone who makes your heart flutter.

Summer Competition Intern

Love to listen to & discuss radio stories/podcasts from around the world? Consider applying for the 2017 Third Coast Competition internship this summer. Deadline is March 10!

How to make more better stories? Listen to Third Coast's Pocket Conference!

Announcing our new Third Coast Pocket Conference podcast where the best radiomakers and podcasters from around the world share well-honed secrets of their craft, now featuring the 2016 Third Coast Conference sessions.